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Lunchbox [userpic]


11. September 2006 (23:02)

1)Put your media player on shuffle.
2)Post the first line of lyrics for the first 20 songs.
3)Have people on your friend's list try and identify the song.
4)NO CHEATING. (aka: no using Google to find the answers)

Doing it again, cause it's fun.

1. My girl, My girl, Don't lie to me. Tell me where did you slept last night. [original]
2. It started off so well They said we made a perfect pair
3. She didn't wanna be she didn't wanna know She couldn't run away cause she was crazy
4. Good morning, Worm your honor. The crown will plainly show the prisoner who now stands before you
5. Ah ah! We come from the land of the ice and snow From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.
6. Beans beans beans, Jesse had some beans
7. And it was me, drove off the off ramp, Of the sweetheart highway,
8. A woman left lonely will soon grow tired of waiting,
9. Scoobado! When the whole world lets you down, and there is no place left for you to turn
10 .Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam, because sunbeams are not night like me. [original]
11.The bourgeoisie had better watch out for me. All throughout this so called nation, we don't want your filthy money, we don't need your innocent bloodshed.
12.Stand up, You've got to manage, I won't sympathize, Anymore
13. Afraid to grade, Wouldn't it be fun? Cross self loss Wouldn't it be fun?
14. Fare you well my honey, Fare you well my only true one
16. The movie ran through me, The glamour subdue me, The tabloid untie me
17. I'm just looking for Just looking for a way around It disappears this near You're the rod I'm water
18. What do you think they would say, If I stood up an walked away?
19. Never again, isn't that what you said? We've been through this before.
20. One time in your life, you've you got the route in hand

no one's gonna participate, but it'll be fun to look back on someday.

Lunchbox [userpic]

Friends Only, Bitch.

28. September 2005 (21:56)

feeling: artistic
jammin' to: Dillinger Four - O.K.F.M.D.O.A.

Are you the motherfucker with the friends only?

Friends only. Awh, maaaahn!

Why you may ask?

1) My LJ is pretty much a bunch of rants into an empty room, I talk about mushy feelings, I whine, I talk about things I'm not comfortable talking about to the 5 people I do talk to about personal things. If you're really that interested I'm confused why.

2) I'm offensive and don't feel like defending a lot of weird shit I say to some anomaly that stumbled across this hidden part of the internet that took offense to something crazy I said.

3) I eat vegetarians

D) I like being mysterious and not so open about things. If i really open up to you. I really respect you and hold you close in my mind.

5) I have the power. I like using it.

If you add me, and leave a comment asking for an add, I'll probably add you. Don't be offended if I don't. I probably just haven't checked in a while. I mean, Chexie doesn't even befriend everyone that requests her friendship on MySpace.

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